Where are they Now?

This family is my wife's. They are scattered from California to Idaho. I am proud to be a member of the family and really enjoy visiting with all of them.
The other night we had dinner guests and they noticed a lot of hand crafted things here in our house. I began to tell them who made them and for the most part everything came from one of them. Talent and an artistic flair runs in that family.
One of the things that I noticed early is how much they are like my family. There are small Petty fights from time to time but don't pick on one unless you want the whole group mad at you. They are glad to have what they have and work darned hard to get them.
I think this picture was taken on Easter Sunday 1954 or 55. Could be as late as 56 but I am trying to go from the sizes and birthdays I know of. Heck no, I won't tell you any of them.
It will be a beautiful fall day here in the Heartland. The front that was supposed to get here today has slowed down so we will have sunshine during the day. Again the wind (and a few good football games) kept me off the bike yesterday. I promise to make it to the lake today.
I have started to feed the birds again and they are working on the seeds and suet big time. I saw Tiger make a mad dash after one of the birds but they are pretty much off the ground and up on the feeders so he doesn't stand much of a chance. Besides, he is getting fat as I have been feeding him pretty well.
Better get a few things done. Probably will go to the State Board of Ed tomorrow and apply for a job as an Emergency Sub. I will probably also apply at the local School Board as a sub for the para's.

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