Every once in a while I hit the next blog button and yesterday I found myself on a Pro Democrat Blog. Sometimes it lands me on a site where people are naked but this time they were just clueless. Senator John Kerry did not read his speech correctly and he slammed people that who because they don't try hard they drop out of school and go to Iraq. He could not be more wrong and it is typical that he doesn't get it.
If he would simply admit his mistake, apologize to the servicemen and move on this whole thing would blow away and be forgotten. He comes back with I won't apologize and all that does is show his true nature and dislike for those of us that have served and will serve in the future.
I am confused how a Harvard Graduate could say people that aren't successful in school go to war? He went to war. I guess he couldn't pull a Bill Clinton and get out of it. I went to was because I didn't like school at the time and the service was an avenue for me to go to school on the GI Bill. If you think the GI Bill wasn't a leveler in our society, all you have to do is look around and see all the people that used that boost and went on to be a success.
I think John Kerry is wrong and I also think that anyone that says bad things about soldiers when our country (right or wrong) is at war is wrong. I don't dispute his right to have gone to war and then come home and protest. I think time has proven him more right than wrong. I need to be clear that Free Speech is being able to allow things that you believe, at your core, is wrong. It is also being able to say I think someone else is wrong and cite examples. Hey, if I make an error I am the first one to say I am wrong. Tell'em you hate bush and OK, that is your right. Say bad things about people doing their best to do what they have to do and you will find me standing there angry at you.

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