April Fools Day!

Biggest April Fool I could Find

It takes all kinds of people to make our world go round. I just have never been a good bluffer so I don't play cards or try too many April Fools jokes on people. I guess I really subscribe to the old saying, "Smile and make them wonder what you have been up to". Speaking of April Fools Jokes, did you read that our Squeaky Clean Governor Kathleen Sebelius had her taxes re-done and the new guy said she owed another $7,000? Another stellar Candidate that didn't pay all her taxes that has been nominated by Barry to come to the most corrupt place on earth.

This morning I looked at the Sports page of our local paper. Lo and behold the Sooner's women's basketball team is about to hit the NCAA Div I Women's Final Four. I hadn't paid much attention to the women's side of basketball and now I see the BIG XII is represented by the Sooner's and KU's women. Granted that the KU women's team is in the Final Four of the NIT but a win is still a win. Heck, even the Baylor Bear's men's team is still playing in the NIT. We had a grand time in Waco to see a game there. Great people, great stadium and now good team chemistry. (Other than the water)

I have mentioned that we are planning a trip to Spain and on to Morocco. It is amazing the number of people that have children going there to teach for a year. I saw an Arabic dictionary by the clerk in our bank and mentioned we are going to Morocco. She is headed there for the summer. Seems like her major is Arabic and she is going to live with a family there for the summer months. I guess not every one's 401(k)s completely tanked. For some strange reason, as we are looking into travel from the middle of Spain to the coast, the train tickets are expensive. You can get a bus for $20 (actually 20 Euros but I don't have a clue what to use for punctuation) and the train is $70. Oh well, that's to be decided at a later date. For the record, right now you can purchase 3 Euro dollars for $4 US.

I read a lot of adventure novels and in a lot of them you find people lined up at Embassy's getting Visa's. In the real world, most countries now have a policy that if you are going to visit for less than 90 days you don't need a Visa. Yes, in most places you need a passport.

Today I had my mild dyslexia play a trick on me. I saw a headline on the Editorial page that said the Morals Race is Tight. I was part right but somewhere in the hard wiring in my brain the "ay" got left out. It is the Mayoral Race that is tight. Dang, I hate it when that happens. Oh well, off to do better things.



  1. I'm not a good "April Fooler" either.!!

  2. Danny's mom's family is downright April foolish! Hmmm...they must have forgotten the date. I usually don't care for April Fool's pranks. They're usually just so stupid, and then the prankster insists they got you even if they didn't. (Well, that's how it happens in his family.) We did prank Jo this morning by putting a doll in her bed and one on a chair outside her room. Then we called her and told her she needed to get up and get ready for school. She has an irrational fear of dolls. They really creep her out. We thought we'd get some good pictures of her screaming or something, but she just got mad and slammed the door. She swears it was one of the other two kids that rigged the sprayer on the kitchen sink.

  3. Oooo, Spain and Morocco! Jealous. :)

    Actually as an American (and me as a Canadian), we get exempted from lots of countries in terms of visas. Or visas are just stamped in right at Customs. But for most people in the world it is a huge pain to get visas. My husband is Turkish and he always gets the third degree at every airport/border. It's awful.

    But yeah, Spain and Morocco... mmmmm!