Tuesday Morning

My Best friend sent me this picture and for some reason it almost sums up my feelings today. I didn't enjoy the paper today and I had a big steaming pile, er cup of coffee. The Championship game was a big bore and last night the local school district had a board meeting and they let go a bunch of teachers to cut costs. It didn't stop them from spending a half a million on computers and hiring a new Principal. Crap! To add insult to injury the local paper sent a new reporter and he didn't even talk about the teacher cuts.

Dave and his wife came over for dinner and I fixed a stir fry with some wonderful grilled chicken and lots of vegs. The took home a lunch box each for today. Must have been good. Yes, I know that any food someone else cooks is great. The only thing I was a little disappointed with was the asparagus. It was a little small and dry. I guess I am a little spoiled by having some plants that will be producing big spears soon.

I have my fingers crossed that the cold last night didn't kill the buds on the fruit trees. Most of them were just starting to bud and not in full bloom. Two years ago we had a hard freeze and didn't get one apple, pear or cherry. Last year we had all the apples we could eat. I guess life is like that. Feast or famine.

I am getting my fill of people that say stupid things about the president. I hate his inconsistencies in his actions and speeches. I hate his leading the spending rush that doesn't seem to be fixing things and I hate that he seems hell bent on dismissing jobs when we need all the employment we can get. He is not stupid folks, he is inexperienced and listening to a lot of people in Washington that have different ideas about what we should do. There is even a bunch of critics that are saying mean things about what his wife wears. Now talk about your stupid things. There was a criticism about the Herb garden at the White House and the fact that students were brought in to do some of the Labor. Hell, Barbara is doing a Monarch Way Station garden at the local school and using the kids to help them understand what gardens and insects are all about. How many of us would volunteer to go to the White House even if it was just to do a little work?

Oh well, On with my day.... have a great one out there.



  1. I agree with you about the president. I don't like him, but I can't criticize what I don't know.

    Love the photo. :)

  2. I agree, Obama isn't stupid but I believe he is doing stupid things that will harm this country for a long time to come. Unfortunately for them, the people that Obama's actions are going to affect the most are so young right now that they'll never know that it could have been different, because it won't have been in their lifetime.