Helping the Master Gardeners

This is Dave our son in his Best Buy shirt as he helps the kids play on a game at the Master Gardener's booth at the zoo. Best Buy loaned us their Air Card so the kids could see what a on line computer spider does. We went from the zoo to the Library on Friday and spent the day surrounded by fun people.
This is me at the Library. Did you notice the dachshund on the floor? She has a litter of dachshunds/beagle cross breeds and she and the kids are all adoptable. Guess who wanted to go and get her today? Guess who told me to go play with the dogs I have?

Our local talk radio has been on a kick to lose all their local talent and bring only the National programs to the Topeka market. They have been carrying Dave Ramsey in the mornings prior to Rush Limbaugh. Barb will let me listen to Dave and bristles at Rush. It never ceases to amaze me that there is a large number of people out there that don't get the value of money. It is pretty simple that you have to spend less than you take in on the long run. I think that we started our working lives with a monthly paycheck(s). It was pretty simple to understand that you spent the last day of the month like the first day of the month and then only spent after you had paid all your bills. Back then, we didn't even qualify for a credit card and we carried cash for everything. Barb wrote checks for the bills and we lived a pretty simple life. Notice I didn't say frugal. We drove a newer car then than we do now.
In spite of the lower cost pace of our life now, I find that we are in the accumulation mode of "Stuff". In fact I have even talked about building a storage building so we will have more places for stuff. Yes, the simple solution would be to de-stuff our lives. Good Luck on that.
The one side of life that has been fun lately is our volunteer work for Master Gardeners and Master Food Volunteers. So far it has been a chance to meet a lot of people and see the smiles on kids faces. I do come home and take a nap afterwards, but I take a nap even when we don't go places. I guess it is the simple things that makes life fun.
This week is my mother's birthday. She was born 4/23/22. Might even make a run to Tulsa on Thursday to take her a pie. She now has a rule that if she can wear it or eat it she doesn't need it. She really likes to see people and I think her favorite is smiles and hugs.
Better go see what the Master gardener has in store for us today.


  1. There was a dachshund at the crawfish boil I attended on Saturday, too. Yes, I wanted to bring him home as well.

  2. One more dog and I wwould have to be called three dogs. Nah, not today. MUD