Fell Asleep on the Couch

I cooked on the grill during the first half of the Michigan State Game and completely fell asleep in the second half of the UNC game. I think it is completely fitting that Michigan State is playing in the Championship game tomorrow night in Michigan, even though I would have loved to see KU and UNC play in that game. I feel confident that it would be a game much more interesting than what will be on. But with that said, it is only a game and no blood was let because I slept through or missed a part of either game. Monday morning the KU men's team will have classes to finish. they are after all, students.

This morning it is cloudy and rainy here with a 20 MPH wind out of the north. Not a fit day for man nor beast out there. Barb and I will probably go out and bring in some plants from the cold frame because it will get down into the 20's tonight. So far none of the tomato plants have any fruit setting on but I think they will start as soon as they get into the ground. The 50/50 chance of no more frost is 15 April. That means that if you plant them, there is still that chance that they will get covered with snow. I think the last chance for frost is somewhere about mid May.

Sometime this morning I am going to set up and make enchiladas. I will probably make 1/2 with beef and red sauce and the other 1/2 with green sauce and chicken. I did grill the meat for both so it will have a good taste from the first ingredient to the last. Basically I cook the corn tortillas in oil for a very short time and then fill them. I have found that not cooking the tortillas in oil cuts the calories but really makes them taste bland. Taste or good health? I vote for great taste and tell the eaters that moderation is called for. It doesn't happen but at least I have transferred the responsibility. I'm sure that the food Nazis out there would complain but unless they can give me a way to make them taste as good...

I am also going to prepare a pan of Grandma B's fudge for my bicycle parts supplier. I busted a pedal on my bike and he is sending me another set. I will admit that the set I broke was a cheap lightweight plastic I bought to save weight set so anything he sends will be an improvement. I need to spend some time on the recumbent trainer here in the basement to get ready for more rides on the real thing. I find that my legs are pretty rubbery when I walk too far or ride over about 5 miles. The only way to fix that is to get on and make circles either here at home or on the bike path.

Have a great Sunday out there. I'll try to come back and post some enchilada pictures a little later on.



  1. Enchiladas are my favorite! My cheese enchiladas are the best, I used to use oil for the tortillas but I had a Mexican friend who warms his in the microwave and they work just as well. The key is to get the thin tortillas and warm them for 20-30 seconds and use plenty of sauce and if you have time put them in the fridge overnight, yummy!

  2. Imagine the smoky flavor of Hickory meat in the enchiladas. I made hamburgers and cooked them on the grill. I cut them up and filled the tortillas with a spoon of mixed vegs and a tablespoon of meat. A little cheese inside and a llot od sauce and cheese on the top of them - pop them in the oven and they are great. MUD