It Isn't Over Yet!

Barb always looks at the fans during a game.

Here is the biggest Fan, the Jay.

Dad broke down and bought him the finger. He hit people with it but no one really minded.

This is the National Championship debate pair. The National Champion team is there on the right. We don't have to depend on just Basketball to bring a National Championship home.

The official Basketball Season isn't over until the women's finals tomorrow night. Tonight will be the Green team of Michigan State against Roy's boys from UNC. I will watch tonight's game until it is 9 PM or I fall asleep which ever comes first. At 9 I will be watching Saving Grace. I am not sure why, but the quirky little cop show with a free wheeling cop and an an angel has just caught my attention. I am pretty sure that the fact that she is cute, drives a Porsche and parties hardy all of which I don't do anymore, allows me to have some escapism in my otherwise dull life ( When the typing dyslexia set in, I typed Bull Like not dull life)

This morning it appears that Momma and the two twin gray squirrels are out eating the bird seed that has spilled on the ground. For the longest time I just put finch seed in the tube feeder until I found a seed mix that has some sunflower chips in the mix. Now the finches don't hardly hit the "pure" thistle seed feeder and I have to refill the mix about every other day. Even then, it looks like the finch seed gets thrown to the ground for the bottom feeders to eat. The Junco's love to flock in and clean up the ground daily. From time to time there is also a possum that has been in to eat during the night.

One of my favorite bird watching treats is seeing the woodpeckers work over the suet block. I purchased several different kinds the last time I went to Tractor Supply. They like the one with different seeds in it. The second ingredient is Black Oil Sunflower seeds. I'm sure that they seem to go through those much faster than the one's with millet as the number two ingredient. If you feed birds on your patio, avoid the millet blends as the birds don't eat it at all and it leaves a mess of yellow BB's everywhere.

It got down into the 20's last night and this morning in spite of the sun shine the cold was blown into my coat behind a 20 MPH wind. It looked nice but I was fooled as I went out to fetch the paper. Oh well... Write if you get a chance.

PS: Go over to http://thegoodflea.com/ if you need a good laugh


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  1. Another Saving Grace fan! I thought I was the only one - and that it was because she was a tough chick from Oklahoma!