What A Day

For the past Month and a half, I have been attending classes in Lawrence for the Master Foods Volunteer Program. Each County in Kansas has a part of the grant from K-State University that puts programs that support people and their lifestyles. One of the biggest programs is the Master Gardener program that passes out advice to people that are trying to grow gardens. They have been very active and have a response hot line to answer questions.

The Food Nutrition group has been trying to support a similar program to help with nutrition and food preparation. The Master Food Volunteers (MFV's) will also attend health fairs and provide information concerning the new food pyramid and information about proper sanitation. With the number of people that are being made unemployed, the balance of cost and nutrition is more important than ever. I am going to help develop a mission statement for the group and help our group get better organized.

The last day of class, the highlight of the day was a pot luck lunch. Imagine that a group of people that love food got together and held a pot luck. Can you imagine that there was even one thing that was not spectacular? Starting with a spinach salad and ending with a chocolate date cake the meal was incredible. There was a meat loaf with Paula Dean's Apple Cinnamon meat loaf sauce that was to die for. One lady made an Italian meatball soup with cheese tortellini. There were three salads including my wild rice and grilled chicken salad. One of the salads had shrimp and salmon in it. The Greek salad with Bulgar wheat was better than the meal I had in KC at the Touch of Jerusalem restaurant. There were two kinds of meat fillings that went begging for a flour tortilla. There was one cookie that was almost the equal of the Schmoe Girl's Uncle Chuck's Chocolate Chip cookies. The only thing needed after that meal was a nap.

I have good intentions about starting a blog to discuss some of the information concerning our program. I will let you now where it is as soon as we get it rolling.

Have a great day out there.



  1. Hey, MUD: Is there a grant for Lane County. I just blew through there yesterday, and have a friend who could follow up with the Master Food Program there.
    Love reading anything about food. Keep up the good work! And the cooking.

  2. Was there apple IN the meatloaf? Because I could totally see a ground pork meatloaf chock full of tiny diced apple. MMmm!

  3. The County Agents for lane Coounty is:
    Connis Bretz-Family and Consumer Sciences Agent
    Walnut Creek Extension Dist Lane County
    144 S Lane
    PO Box 487
    Dighton, KS 67839
    Phone : 620-397-2806
    Fax : 620-397-2597

  4. Flea, What a wonderful idea for easter. A pork Meatloaf with apples and covered with Paula dean's cinnamon apple meatloaf topping.
    MMMMMMM sounds so good. MUD