Just Wondering?

Yesterday I read that a young woman posted nude pictures of herself and now is being charged with purveying child pornography? She will be listed as a sex offender and have to register where ever she lives for the rest of her life. Does this seem fair to you? Isn't the pictures out in the public domain punishment enough?

We have laws to protect us and laws to punish us. Where is that fine line to be drawn? I know that many people think the laws are to ensure we have the right to the pursuit of happiness and they make it all equal. I think that there are a lot of laws out there that just make it so "UN" simple that it is difficult to find happiness without the fear of breaking some stupid law.

Splain it to me Lucy!



  1. Huh? Was she underage and that's why they're charging her with that? It doesn't make sense anyway. In that case, I could see slapping her with a fine or community service, but not registering her as a sex offender. That's ridiculous. If she is underage, it sounds like her parents have got some work to do. Good Lord! I would not want to be that girl's mother, and I doubt she would want to be my kid right after I found out about the photos.

  2. Jenni, How about the right of the young girl to express herself? Just because some people feel naked is wrong, doesn't make naked pictures pornography does it? I agree that the parents have a lot of work to do. I doubt that your girls don't understand how you feel. Is this a topic that you and your girls need to talk about? Sometimes the stupid things in life just aren't discussed because no one thinks they would ever happen. Just thinking out loud. MUD

  3. Can you be charged with committing a crime against yourself? It's not the fact of being naked that is the issue. It's the issue of being a naked child for one and second there are child predators out there. We have a hard enough time keeping them from preying on children to have some young girl choosing to feed their sickness. She should think about all of the perverts out there victimizing children. She should be ashamed of herself for encouraging it. If it's art she's intrested in she could go pose for an art class, but she has to wait until she's an adult. Where are her parents???

  4. Ames, there are a bunch of crimes against yourself that can get you charged. Drug use, attempted Suicide not wearing your seatbelt. I agree that there are a bunch of sickos out there but I'm pretty sure the young girl didn't think about that side of the issue. Nothing I read gave me any reason for the action and I couldn't begin to imagine what young kids today are thinking. Her parents are probably the people who gave her the computer or cell phone that took the pictures. Aren't you glad you have a boy? MUD

  5. I wonder why they targeted this girl? There are zillions of naked posts out there and I don't see how they can stop people from posting photos of themselves.
    How old was she? Her parents have nothing to do with it if she is 18.

  6. 14 I think. MUD

  7. Expressing yourself in nude photos is one thing. Posting them on the internet is another. Indecent exposure, I think it was once called.

    Fourteen years old is another issue altogether. Having a 15 year old girl and a 14 year old boy, I see great harm in what she's done. To her. Teenagers are in the throes of hormonal upheaval. It's partly why they're not considered adults and allowed to make adult decisions, like whether or not to impair their judgment with alcohol use, vote, or, at her age, drive.

    My daughter and I just had a discussion about laws. Good laws (not the stupid ones, like Oklahoma's tattoo law allowing only black ink, not colored ink) are meant to protect and help.

    Like teaching a kid to wash their hands after bathroom use when they're little - when a kid's 4, it feels like a burden, a chain around their little ankle, having to wash every time they potty. As an adult, it's natural to do it because it's become a habit. It protects us.

    Same with a seat belt law. It becomes habit. It protects us. You may not like wearing one, like you may not like washing after pottying, but the statistics show that both protect us.

  8. All very true. I think it would be scarier to have a daughter, but I will have to work just as hard to teach my son to respect people and encourage his friends to do the same. Why is this hard? Because I will be fighting against everything society is telling him. It's a scary world we live in when a 14 year old girl feels she needs to expose herself for attention. What's more, we're giving it to her.