Quick Trip to Skiatook

First thing Mom said to me was, "Sorry your razor broke"

This is my brother Rick and Mom

Does this look like $200 to you?

For some reason this sign just seemed strange to Barb. Hay Capitol of the world?

Yesterday Barb and I made a quick trip to Skiatook, OK to see my mother on her birthday. She turned 87 and we laughed at our old jokes. Barb picked out a card that played the song Tequila and as soon as the card started playing the cat ran out of the room as hard as she could and didn't come back while we were there.

It was in the high 80's there and feels like it is in the mid 80's here today. We made a stop at Arnold's Greenhouse (By Burlington, KS) and barb bought another car trunk full of green things to plant. I guess that's what Master gardeners do, Plant.

After four hours in the car and an hour in a green house, I feel a nap coming on. Have a great day out there.



  1. Mmm. A nap sounds good. Too bad the rest of the day has stacked up against me.

  2. That comment about your razor made me laugh. Sounds like your mother has a great sense of humor!

  3. My boy, Red Rocks, just asked about you. So here I am showing him your photo. He had the idea that Mean Uncle Denny was a childless bachelor. Not so, young one!