Hello From Kansas

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As a Native of Kansas, I always find things that make fun of Kansas funny. Not that Kansas is the best place to be, but that it is the place I like to be. If it was as attractive to everyone like California, we would be up to our butts in people from New Jersey. Do you know why we have the Phelp's and New jersey has Toxic Waste Dumps, yep we had first choice.

Yesterday I got roped into some of Barb's outdoor projects as well as hooking up the plant sink on the patio. I wanted to ensure the drain hooked into the pipe for the sump pump (out to the yard) and a new supply hose for the water. Barb's brother fixed a great plant sink and it works as well as it looks. I also had about three wheel barrels full of leaves to remove. I hate making plurals. It is hands full but I doubt it is wheels barrel full. Oh well.

Is it possible that the downturn in the economy will finally get the attention of the State and Federal Legislators that there is not an endless supply of money for taxes? Will the Tax Enough Already (Tea) parties out there across the land get their attention. In this era when ear marked funds are the bane of of all Federal Legislators, Kansas ranked 22nd. Perhaps our Republicans dipped into that trough also. Having a couple of Active Army bases and an Air Force base did propel that amount some. Especially when the "Big Red One" is expanding as all their combat brigades and their Aviation Brigade will all be based here.

One time, I was at Fort Riley on Guard Business and I got stopped by a Convoy of the Support units from Fort Riley as they were taking a trip out somewhere. On the door of the first truck was BRO 1 and each truck had a number larger by one. BRO 2, BRO 3, BRO 4 on and on. I swear that each truck had a black soldier driving it. I thought that it was cool that they could all be BRO's and put their number on the door. Finally about BRO 75 there was a white female driving a truck. That's when I slapped my fore head and said, "BIG RED ONE, Duh Dennis".

Some days are like that. Just when you stop paying attention your mind will make things up.


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  1. BRO - Good Lord, that is funny! About made my Coke come out my nose.