In My Humble Opinion (IMHO)

In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) the reason the framers of our Constitution wrote the part about free speech is the very reason most of the people came to America. Half of the people out there even today see the glass as not near enough empty and the other half want it more full. The king is an idiot or the king has no clothes. The purpose of Government is to ensure our freedoms or to leave us the hell alone and protect us from Government. You get the picture, half of the people are happy and the other half are sad. OK, I think there is a bunch in the middle that don't really care but I'll leave them out of this discussion for now.

IMHO, a lot of people look at the Government as it is written and think how much more perfect it could be if we just tinkered with it a little (or a lot). These people want our Government to ensure the freedoms we have are enforced and are willing to pass more laws to ensure them. They feel that there is enough money in our system to let everyone have a drink at the trough of plenty and the rest will have enough left over to not thirst for more. They feel the size of our Government is not as important as the effectiveness.

IMHO there are a lot of people that think the government as it was written was darned good enough and it should not be tinkered with. They feel our freedoms are well defined and we have too many dammed laws to really enjoy the freedoms we have. They feel that no matter how much money the Government has, they will always want more and spend it without consideration of how hard they worked for it. The Government is way too big for these people and if we could just somehow get back to what was in the Constitution everything would be just great.

IMHO this is why we have free speech. No matter how hard we try, there will be people that feel either we are on that well intentioned road to hell or not. There will be people afraid that the Government has spent a boat load of money and we will all go down with the Titanic and others that say it is only money and we will prevail. All I ask of the reporters is to go out there and tell us what people are saying, don't try to tell us why they are thinking it. Report both sides. Look at the Tea Party signs and it should tell you that there is enough mad for both sides.

I just pray that we can continue to have a free dialog and that everyone tries to understand that it is because we can say what we feel that our form of Government works as well as it does. As soon as one side tries to silence the other side there will be conflict that will escalate into violence.


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