The Day After tax Day

Tiger in his scruffy winter coat

Spangles sign from November

For the first time in many years I filed early even though I had to pay. So yesterday instead of spending the evening finishing those pesky taxes, we went out to dinner with the kids and our "nother daughter" Mel. There is a Chinese, Japanese and Korean restaurant that serves a nice dinner for a nice price. The part I like is that they add little things to the dinner that cost extra elsewhere. There is always a small piece of cake, some fruit in in a lot of cases, vegetables fried in tempura batter. Mel is having some problems with fried things so she likes the sushi and cucumber salad. Me, I like the Korean bulgogi and the only thing missing was a hot and sour soup.

I guess this mess with the economy is all my fault. They say that because people like me aren't spending all their money the growth back to full roar it is all my fault. Discretionary spending is down 40% for people in our tax bracket. It just feels good to have money left over when the month is done. I can remember days when there was month left when the money was gone and I like the feel of a few extra dollars in my wallet. (and in my bank accounts) Tell the truth, Dennis, it is really Barb's fault. She is the thrifty one in the family. I would have a new car and all the latest electronic toys if it weren't for her. I really have everything I need and most of what I want. It is kind of cool that people think I drive the old pick-up because I am frugal. Not totally true, it is Barb's desire to get every dime back out of that money pit.

Barb and I are both involved in a program to bring good health, food and nutrition to people. Barb is working through the Master Gardeners and I through the Master Food Volunteers. Both would take a lot of time if we did everything available. I am hitting it fairly hard early so I can get my 40 hours of volunteer time in as soon as possible. We will be gone a couple of weeks in May on our trip so we will miss some opportunities to help out. Barb's group is large and mine is a group of three for right now. There is a pretty good sized staff but they can only do so much.
Today will be warm but overcast. I intend to do a few things outside so I'd better get with the program. We went up to the school yesterday and turned over the garden where the Butterfly Garden will go. Barb has a bunch of classes growing different flowers for the garden. They aren't impressed with the fact that a lot of the plants are no-shows. I guess little minds aren't impressed with how hard it really is to get things to grow. they want to push the start button and have green growing, and right damn now. Oh well, perhaps this fall when they come back there will be monarchs feasting on their flowers as the Monarchs make their trek back to Mexico.
I finally found out that the term TEA Party means Tax Enough Already. I'll buy that.
Gotta go. Have a great day out there.


  1. I'd like to learn more about this Master Gardener program - is it a State program or local? Sounds fun either way!

  2. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Master Gardener Programs are usually offered through the county extension office. Here in Kansas you sign up for a 40 hour training program. We commit to do 40 hours of service for the community in return for all this knowledge. After the first year that drops to 25 hours. Busiest time is in the summer but you can sign up for things that fit into your schedule and interests. I do lots of youth activities because of my background as a teacher, but there are lots of other types of opportunities. Best of all you get to socialize with some of the best gardeners in the area who share not only tips on gardening but some of their prize plants.
    Barb aka MG

  3. My mom has been trying to get me to go to one of those TEA parties, but I don't have the time. Another blogger friend wrote about attending one with her family. I never knew it was an acronym since I'd never seen it in print. (Being in all caps would have tipped me off.)

    Hey, why do I get the feeling that the credit card companies do not feel like we're helping them out by paying off our debt? I thought that would make them happy, but we just keep getting calls from Discover asking if they can do anything for us. The call comes about every other week and they lower our interest rate or offer us another card or increased limit. It's like those ridiculous Swiffer commercials with the broom and mop singing "Baby Come Back".

  4. I know that the Credit Card companies make a lot of money off the debt that people owe. That is why they hate people like us that do our damnest to keep the balance to zero. I could use my Debit card like a credit card but hate to have that number out there in the credit world as it is right now the home to the extras money we are holding back. MUD