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My son, Dave gave me this book the other day and I started to read it without a lot of attention to the content. I'm not sure what I thought it was about but I just discovered it is about how the Government hypothetically screws up when the Asian Bird Flu over runs the world (in 2019) . The book is fiction but it is right on point concerning what we need to do now that the Human/Swine Flu is starting to infect people.

If you can get a copy I highly recommend you do and read it. It talks about all the mistakes that can be made. It really shouts how our desire for freedoms can doom us if a real epidemic strikes. If the Military won't submit to mandatory innoculations, what chance do we have with the general population.

We have already had our first fatality from the swine flu and it is in 63 locations in the US. We even had two people in Kansas come down with it. Just today, the Emergency Operation Center for the Kansas Guard opened for 12 hour per day operations. Partly for the flooding because of our Monsoon season that has set in but also to monitor the spread and incidents of the Flu.

I don't want to spook you to do stupid things, but the book " The Last Centurion" by John Ringo sure asks a lot of tough questions about our readiness for an emergency today.


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