Greener Saturday

The warmer it gets, the more the world turns green here at Rabbit Run. In fact, I have already mowed a little and had my renter call that the air conditioner doesn't cool enough. I'm sure that I will continue to mow and the service guy will be there next Wednesday and put some coolant in the line. Not sure why it leaks but it does.
Some time in the future I am going to replace the furnace and air conditioner at that house but not today.

Today I am going to the Library and talk to the kids about food. Specifically we will make some trail mix for them and show them how much better the homemade type is. I am going to get a bag of chips and trail mix on the way there as an example. I don't think parents know just how much fat and salt there is in most of what the kids snack on. The kids don't care but it is a chance to meet and greet them with a little snack size baggy of Cheerios and pretzels. Throw in a scoop of dried cranberries and they all smile. (Did I mention a few pretzels?)

Barb's car is at 109,000 miles and still going strong. I thought that for sure it would get to Tulsa and have to limp home. Seems like a good run on the highway just makes it stronger. Probably will have to put a new set of tires on it if we are going to road trip it this summer. How many times this week has the phone at your house rang and there is a recording from someone telling you your warranty is about to expire and they want to sell you insurance to keep your car running? I have to tell you that the warranty on the 96 Buick expired over 50,000 miles ago and there is just no way that I'm going to join in some scam to ensure that it is on its way out. This is one time that insure or ensure both fit.

Better get my act together and go get ready for the fun and adventure with the kids at the Library.


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