Quick and Easy Desserts

There is no claim that these are anything but fun food for groups of people. In each case there are low sugar items that could be used. I couldn't even begin to imagine the calories or grams of fat. I will guarantee that there will be all the smiles from the kids and the kids inside the adults.

Number 1 - Take it to the park Tiramisu.
Stop at the store and buy:
2 containers of frozen strawberries
1 container of frozen Dairy Topping
2 boxes of Twinkies
two packages of pudding 4 pack. (Pick a flavor you like I like vanilla and chocolate)

I have a big glass bowl that came inside one of those Pyrex carry it containers.
You don't need to take the snap on lid as there won't be leftovers if there are more than five kids.

Start with a layer of Twinkies in the bottom. Open one package of the strawberries and pour on the Twinkies. I then put one flavor of the pudding on top of the strawberries. Add another layer of Twinkies, second can of strawberries and the other flavor of pudding. Top with the frozen dairy topping and serve. I would make this right before it is served. There is no advantage to letting the flavors to merge or blend. Everything in this tastes good to kids. I have known adults come back for seconds. If you think about Twinkies and strawberries the taste is clear.

The second dessert I saw on Paula Deen's show this past week. She bought two packages of Ice Cream sandwiches. She put a layer in a 9X12 glass pan.She put on it a jar of hot fudge topping and a bottle of caramel. She topped this layer with bananas that were sliced. Here is where you could get fancy and make the bananas into a butter, cinnamon sauce after frying them.A bananas Foster comes to mind. She just put the bananas in sliced. Add another layer of sandwiches and top with a whipped topping, a layer of chopped cherries and then a layer of chopped candy toffee.

She put it back in the freezer but I can imagine that it would eat well when young.

Good eating...


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  1. Lord, have mercy! You people do eat well. I am moving to Kansas. Keep it going, MUD!!!