This morning Barb offered to run away with me if I could find something worth running away to. We almost at the same time said that today the KU women are playing in the final of the Women's National Invitation Tournament at Allen Field House. We drove to Lawrence and were headed to the ticket purchase line when a woman walking up the sidewalk offered us two tickets free. I'm not sure why the University was working so hard to bring a record crowd into the field house for woman's basketball but hey, we got to see a great game free. The unfortunate side of the game was that South Florida defeated the lady Hawks by a few points. It was a great game called real loose by the referees. There were 16,113 people at the game and the Field House was rocking. In fact I feel like I was on the working end of a jackhammer. My ears were numb and it took the better part of an hour to feel like I could hear normal.

On the way home we stopped at one of my favorite stores, HiVee. I just love their meat department. They had Top sirloin steak for 1.99 a pound. Their cut up chicken was only 1.39 a pound and I bought a grill full of meat. Probably will be fajitas and enchiladas tomorrow. More great tastes and lot of cooking. I will do some hamburger enchiladas and some chicken. It is messy but what a great meal. I did the grilling this afternoon so tomorrow will be cooking in the house and in the oven.



  1. HiVee sounds awesome. I hate buying meat because of the prices. Ugh.

  2. I weill spend good money if the product is good. I have found the Rib eyes at Sam's club to be the best for the money. HyVee is a great store and we need another one on the east side of Topeka. Oh well... MUD