If I was in charge!

If Somehow, tomorrow I woke up, "in Charge" these are some of the things I would do.
  • In every community there are houses that the Government owns that are going to rot. I would search through the Military and find people that can paint, plumb and fix things up and refurbish one home. Into that home, I would select one member from each branch of the service and their job would be to work with the local schools to provide mentors for the kids there. They would provide security for kids at the local Boys and Girls clubs, playground assistants to cause the kids to do exercises and games in an organized manner. They would go into the class rooms to help teachers with the "at risk" kids (They know what I mean) I would do one home for each school that is having trouble meeting their goals from the "No Kids Left Behind" program. The service members would do this TDY and every person from the newest private to the oldest General would do at least 30 days of this per year.
  • I would announce that after 50 years, Cuba has had enough. We have punished the people there long after the shine on that star has faded. Hell, if I can travel to China and Vietnam, there just isn't a good reason we can't travel to Cuba. Did you know they drive the damnedest collection of old GM cars in the world. Classic Chevrolet ought to open up a store there and help them bring that collection of rag tag cars up to shape. I'll bet Mexico sells them thousands of dollars in car part each year. In my lifetime I want to sit on the beach just once in Cuba smoking on big Cuban Cigar and drinking a Cuba Libra. I think money is the quickest way to kill that old bug of Communism.
  • I would get right in the middle of the Military and tell them to get their act together. Why do we have an Army Reserve and an Army National Guard? I would eliminate the Army Reserve and the Air National Guard. I would join them at the hip and give them two years to tell us how they are going to do it. The Governors can use all the soldiers they can get and they don't (IMHO) need an air force.
  • While I am on the subject of the military, why does the Navy and the Marine Corps need their own air force? There is a need for a Ground, Air and Navy force in the Military. If they could all talk together and work together several Millions could be saved. Just a thought.
  • Why does someone who drops out of college get to play games for millions of dollars and teachers have trouble paying off their student loans? Why do we not celebrate teachers instead of big boys who play games?
  • For every road project in America, I would make it mandatory to have a bike lane built into the project. I'm talking about a three foot strip of asphalt added to let bike riders ride and save us gas as they do. I'll bet we could save billions in fuel savings and help a new industry get started (or revitalize an old industry) We are building those stupid roundabouts with out tax dollars at least we should get something worthwhile.
  • I would find a way to make the tax collection in our lives transparent. When you buy anything, the tax would go into a collection and we would not have to file once a year. I wouldn't give homeowners, car owners, people with many kids or anyone a break. Everyone that makes a dime pays a penny. If that isn't enough, make it two but the 15 April deadline would be gone. Instead of enforcing taxes on the average guy out here, put those people to work closing every loophole and collecting the money at the source.
  • If you are in the business of investing other people's money, you had better be careful that you aren't doing business with a Bernie Madoff. You will go to jail if you lose money because of stupid investments.

Just one final thought. In Science there is a statement that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Another statement that nothing just disappears, it transforms into something else. Where did all that money in retirement funds go?


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  1. Great post! This country has some messed-up priorities doesn't it? I'll vote for your ideas.

    Down here, all the politicians are doing lately is fighting with each other, and taking up TV/radio airtime to snap back and forth. So irritating.

    Big news this morning - will JC Watts run for governor or not?? Election is 2 years away but they're making quite a deal out of it.