It is Soooooooo Good!

I had never gone to a Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream store until today. I found out that between 2 and 4 during the week is Happy Hour (s) and their specialties are half price. I had a German chocolate cake waffle cone for three dollars. There was enough for barb to have at least 1/3 of the ice cream in a cup and I had all I could eat. They started with chocolate ice cream, put some hot fudge, caramel, coconut and big spoon full of coconut. About the time I thought he was through adding stiff, he added a big old brownie. Mix all that up and eat until you are in heaven.

There was a young lady from Wamego with her four kids there and we all had a gay old time talking and eating ice cream. Any one of her kids could have been a little blond haired blue eyed Petty kid. I'm sure that if I had said come on home with us the littlest one might have jumped in the car. She sat at our table and we enjoyed the laughs. Typical Mail day, two bills and one check. Weather is cloudy with no sun and about 50 degrees. Oh well...


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  1. Isn't Cold Stone to die for? I stay away from them as though my life depends on it. My hips, at the very least, depend on it.