This is Barb, Erma, MUD & Curly in Arkansas the weekend we poured the front porch on their house. This past weekend Harvey Barb and I went out to the house and sat on the porch and talked with the current owners, my sister Carol and her husband Alan.

I haven't a clue what the face Barb is making is all about. Don't you love the long hair? I sure did. I shot a 35 MM Yashika Electro 35 back then now it is Nikon. I was also a pipe smoker back in the day.



  1. Wow! What a cool picture. You know that is exactly what I remember Erma and Curly looking like.

  2. Erma always had a back ache and didn't stand real tall. I thought the first time I saw Yota in Star wars that they copied Erma's stance. We kept our beer cool out in the cellar and she would say, "Kid while you are out there get me one". Most of the time someone would and she would disappear early about dark. She would be up at 0-dark thirty and make breakfast. MUD