Eat'n from the Garden

This past week has been a delight of fresh garden produce cooked in a bunch of different ways. Yesterday I had some pork chops and I cooked the chops, added onion, garlic, chilli powder, tomatoes and rice to pan and made a Spanish rice with all those wonderful things. Tonight I made a medley of Zucchini, tomatoes, cooked chicken topped with an Italian Seasoning. All I can say is I sure hope the garden keeps this up for a week or two more.
One thing I am pretty sure of is that Barb had to declare war on the squash bugs or most of the goods on a vine would be dead. Next year, we are going into attack mode earlier in the garden and the orchard. In the orchard it was the deer that ate most of the fruits. Perhaps I need to move the dog pen out there during the fruit season. The dogs are pretty fat and lazy so something to do might be good for them.
I sure hope you are all getting all the veg's you desire. For me, more is just enough.

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  1. Yum! YOu can come back here and cook for us anytime!