This and That

When in Morocco, we passed a poppy field. In a recent blog I mentioned the poppy field as something non productive in the way of food. I thought you might like to see one in production first hand. They are a beautiful flower and add to the scenery. Our host was in doubt that this field would add to the heroin trade. I don't know.

In a recent facebook post, Julie's Aunt-in-Law posted a picture of a waterfall in New York that had an eternal flame inside. I was struck by how much it looked like the waterfall near Efrane, Morocco. To make the picture better, I used the picture of Kendra and Kartina to "pretty up" the picture.


  1. Anonymous6:07 PM

    For the record it was Julie's brother, Stan, or his wife, Diane, who posted the picture of Eternal Flames Waterfall. It was an awesome shot taken by Karol Szymczuk. Made me want to go see the real thing.

  2. That poppy field is gorgeous! You got a great shot of it!