Duct Tape Alert!

WARNING! do not read this if you don't have a good supply of duct tape to keep your head from exploding.

Nancy Pelosigalore this week warned the Conservatives that their ramped up rhetoric is causing people to be so hateful that if violence occurs, the leaders of this movement will be to blame. Here are my responses:
  • First of all, who is the leader of this supposed conspiracy or movement? Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer not a politician. The fact is, we don't have a Ronald Regan right now to lead us back into the leadership in congress. If we did, would we have to listen to Nancy and Harry? Just how long do you think the Democrats would last if there was any real leadership out there? Around here Senator Sam Brownback is about the best we can do in that role and he ain't all that darned popular in Kansas.
  • There is enough hate out there to fuel many fires and there are a lot of people to be unhappy with. If being angry about spending 10 Trillion dollars over the amount of revenue over the next 10 years isn't worth being upset about what is? Who is in charge of the congress spending money like it was not problematic. We are angry about your actions Nancy!
  • Everyone seems to be wanting to fix the problems of rising Health Care. Care to do a little wondering about what it the cost is from? Lets start with the segment of the population that we all hate. If it were not for the tort claims being so damned exorbitant, what would our Health Care Cost? I can remember when the limit on the value of a life was $10,000. If a Doctor does his best and the patient died, the limit was $10,000. Now, lawyers build a big national client base and attack Drug Companies, Doctors and anyone they can and settle for millions of dollars. Can you imagine if NASCAR fans were all of a sudden put together in one lawsuit and were awarded Billions for loss of hearing and weight gain from being subjected to Stock car races? Well, in my opinion that's what happened to the smokers. They got money for doing something that even the most stupid person realizes is dangerous. Read the damned package. Smoking May endanger your health. Who do you thing pays for that? Yep'er we do through higher insurance costs.
  • If a person with no insurance shows up at a hospital in critical condition, who do you think pays? Yep'er, we all do. In a lot of places, undocumented (read illegal) aliens can come to a US Hospital and have a child and that person is then a US Citizen. I think we should load their butts in the back of a Bus and send them home. No citizenship, no reward, only deportment.
  • I want the Government to tell the truth about what the cost of the health Care Bill really is. There is just no way that anyone with a straight face can tell me that it won't cost us a hell of a lot more money to have a Government fix of the problem. Do you really know how they fix the rising costs in Medicare or Medicaid? They limit the amount they pay on a claim. Walk in off the street with no insurance and you will find that procedures often cost thousands of dollars more in the bill than the insurance company or the Government pays.

Now, in all fairness, I wish I had an answer to where all this stupid behavior starts and ends. Isn't there a little of the POGO answer in this question? "I have seen the enemy and he is us." If gambling is illegal and harmful to us, why do so many of us flock to the new Indian Casinos? I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard a smoker say when the price of a pack gets to 50 cents I'll stop smoking. A lady told Me proudly that she only pays $34.00 a carton not the over the counter (Quick Shop) price of $4.50. That's 17 cents apiece for a cigarette and it'll kill ya. I just shook my head. In the bad old days I would have just lit my ten dollar pipe and walked away.

I guess I'll just complain about the rising cost of duct tape to keep our heads from exploding and move on smartly, or stupidly as the case may be.



  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I went to the store yesterday and they had a big display of "Gorilla Tape" the strongest duct tape ever! I really had to restrain myself to keep from buying a roll or two. I am still thinking of going back to get some.......

  2. *shakes head* I can't even begin to think of ways to solve the messes we've gotten ourselves into. Frog in the pot syndrome.