National Health Care Debate

What the Democrats don't understand is that I don't trust the current politicians any further than I can throw them. I listened to the debate when the Clinton's tried to change the medical care system and I didn't like it then. What makes them think I would like it better if Barack Obama brought it back up again.

I personally don't think that any system can be expanded enough to include everyone and not result in shortages for many. All the times I took mother to the Hospital is serious condition and could not get her a bed was proof that the system was about maxed out. How can a group of people be forced to accept anyone and it not cost that group more? Talk to people in the VA system and ask them if they don't have shortages at the end of the Fiscal year. Imagine that nation wide.

If the current system is bad, isn't one of the biggest users of the system those on Medicare? If there is so much fraud and abuse, clean that up and come talk to us about how much you have saved. I am scared as hell that an expansion by the government will be more of the same only bigger with a Federal Overhead that we have to pay for. Right now, our federal Government costs more than we can pay for. How can we in all good conscience expand the Government. At what level is more not better?

I remember a while back that I said Government needs to look at all the problems and solve the most important one first. I think our system needs to be re-engineered to encourage business owners to manufacture products here at home and put more people back to work. When will the people not have money to buy things from China? When will going to Wal*Mart not be in the ability of most people? Just because a job can be done in India for about half, doesn't mean the job should go there.

Finally, it is not a debate if one side is set on ramming a change down our throats and they won't listen to our side of the story.



  1. I heard an interesting idea on NPR's Morning Edition on the way into Wichita today. They were talking to Newt Gingrich, and he suggested, as he did to Hillary 16 years ago, that they break the healthcare legislation into 5-7 different bills--bite-sized chunks, if you will. Each portion would deal with a different aspect which needs to be addressed. I think this makes sense. Isn't this how normal people tackle massive jobs? Perhaps it would also insure that lawmakers would READ the entire bill before deciding on it and that things could be passed without adding a lot of pork. I think it would also be easier for average folks to understand and decide whether or not they support the legislation.

    Another interesting thing today while I was helping Mom: every single package of frozen fish at Walmart--except the catfish--was caught in one place, then shipped to China for processing before being shipped here. Most of the fish originally came from New Zealand or Canada. WTF? Caught in Canada, shipped to China, shipped back to the US and sold? That makes no sense! And we're told we need to trade working cars in for more fuel efficient cars to do our part to become independent of foreign oil? Unlike my mom, I'm not on a big kick about not buying things from China, but I damn sure will not be buying fish caught next door and processed there to be sold here. That just boggles my mind and pisses me off even more than the illogical cash for clunkers program. Such waste!

  2. MUD, you have hit the nail on the head with your "Medicare" statement.

    My Mother-in-law is on Medicare. She told us today that she is going to need us to take her to the Proctologists' office in a couple of weeks for a colonoscopy.

    That's all good...we take her to her Dr. appointments all the time. I asked her if she was having any worries, or concerns that she needed seen to.

    She said, "No, they just told me it was time to have one, and it won't cost me anything."

    My Father is also on Medicare, and when his Doctor tells him it's time for some test, procedure, etc., he dutifully shows up. After all, it doesn't "cost" anything.

    Man, I hope I die before I start "costing" my kids...