Where Have I Been?

This afternoon the MG and I went to hear a concert by the Fountain City (Kansas City) Brass Band. They were playing a tune up concert to support a free Clinic (Meriam Clinic) here in Topeka as they prepare to go to the National Brass Band Competition and the on to England for a concert tour. If anyone in Kansas City gets a chance to hear this wonderful group of musicians, go as fast as you can. They play everything from a Hot, "I'm going to Kansas City" to a Russian piece better than the 1812 Overture. They have won the National Brass Band competition twice (2007 and 2008).
Go to their web site at: http://www.fcbb.net/

Now, I think I look like a fairly normal person and during the concert intermission, a lady handed me an envelope and said to read it when I got home. I waited until I got out into the car and wished I had a roll of duct tape on hand when I opened the envelope. It seems this person and whole, repeat whole lot more people think there is a guy Steve Quayle out there that has the absolute truth about the Swine Flu Vaccination. It appears that some of the nutjob's supporters are calling for an armed insurrection when they come to get us on October 15th. They claim we will either submit to forced vaccination or be taken to a "camp" where old lucifer will have his sway over most events. I did go to the nutjob's web site and supposedly he lost it back a couple of years on the air when he read a like minded e-mail. I wonder what crossed their mind when a couple of months later, they realize they have been punked.

If you have some information about the world coming to an end, keep it to yourself. I don't want to know what you think. In time, our world will end but I'm betting that a lot of time will pass before it does and a whole lot of things will happen. 'Cides I have lived a wonderful life and won't feel cheated when it ends.

The hard thing for me was that this lady looked very normal and looked like she enjoyed the concert. I am here to tell you that if I thought the 15 of Oct was going to be the end, I sure as hell wouldn't be sitting in a band concert.


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  1. Damn I hope shes wrong the Lenexa chili cookoff is the 16th and I'd hate to die before one more year:)