In life, there are few things that never change. My first friend in life was Harvey and our friendship is one of the few things that carry over time. In a blue funk over the death of one of my other friends I decided to go to Bentonville, AR where he is working on an Art Gallery for one of the Walton family members. We got a personal tour and if it is half as pretty in the finished state as the design, it will be spectacular. We spent the day together and laughed at our personal stories. I'm sure that Barb had a good time listening to two old friends share old times.
In the park leading down to the job site was three bears in the park. Couldn't help myself,

In the Wal*Mart museum in Bentonville, Sam's simple life is displayed. I never understood people that say bad things about this simple guy that brings things cheaper than anyone else.
He was an Army Officer in WWII and his brother was a naval Pilot on a carrier in that war. I did love his old pickup and no one that loved dogs as much as he did couldn't be all bad.

Almost 40 years ago, Harvey and I helped my Dad pout the concrete porch for my grandparents. We went out to see if it was still there and found my sister and her husband there working on the kitchen in the old house. Carol and Alan are here on the porch we poured years ago.

They say you can't go back to your childhood. Spend the day with a good friend and it seems like it happened yesterday.

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  1. Thanks to you and Harvey for the great porch where many of my childhood and adult memories are.