4th of July, 1970 Rogers, AR

Only my best friend in life would drive to Arkansas from Wichita over the 4th of July weekend to help pour a cement porch. This is Harvey wondering if we can get more poured in time to not have a cold joint. (Barb told me that some of you might think this has something to do with drugs but it is a term for letting one batch of concrete set up before the next one is poured, Yes I laughed out loud at that one) One cement mixer of mud at a time. Guess who pushed the wheel barrel?

This is my grandfather, Curly Fruits at the end of the first day listening to war stories from the two ex-Lieutenants. Harvey went to Germany and I went to Vietnam.

This is the house. It is an 8 X 38 Rollahome with an extension built on the east side.

Yes, it really was one mixer load after another. Curly drove the tractor and brought us river gravel to mix in with the cement and sand.

This me, my dad (with the Old Milwaukee beer in his hand) and Harvey. The Volvo wagon in the background was one that I purchased from dad in 1973 or 74. I put a new motor, transmission and front end under it and drove it another 100,000 miles. Do Notice who's hand has the shovel in it.

As soon as I figure out how to make a TIFF file into a JPG I will load a picture of Erma, Curly, Barb and MUD. I don't even know how to thank Harvey for finding these pictures and sending then to me to share with you.


  1. Wow!!!These are amazing. I love this. I never knew who actually poured the porch. Really never thought about it. How very, very cool. What a lot of hard work. And I didn't know it was poured the year of my birth either...1970. Again...cool beans!!!

  2. I was thrilled that Harvey had the pictures and sent them to me. That was one hard hot long job. I remember the year you were born because I was at your parent's wedding. Many evenings were spent there on that porch talking and sharing with Erma and Curly. One thing many of the grandchildren don't know about Erma was how well read she was. She was a lot like the rest of us and had her nose in a book, a lot. MUD