Am I the Only One?

For many reasons, I find Barack Obama's calling Kanye, "a Horse's Ass" refreshing. I think that while we disagree on many things, calling Kanye the south end of a North headed horse isn't one of them. I think a lot of things are so new to the President that he doesn't say what he means very often. No, I don't think what Kanye did was a black thing, it was a thing that a drunk would say and do. No I didn't think poorly of him because he was black, I think it was a stupid thing to do when he did it and he was a horse's ass. Have we gone full circle on that?

We made a wild trip to NW Arkansas and then to Hutchinson, KS and now home. The 2004 Ford Crown Victoria or "Vicky" drove sweet. She got 25 MPG average and only one or two small things are different than I would like. To use my Garmin Nuvi, I have to plug it in the cigarette lighter and to do that I have to open the ashtray. Same for the cup holders in the ash tray. I have to rest my leg against the edge of the ashtray when I use the lighter or the cup holder. I probably can work around the cigarette lighter problem but Barb likes to have a cup holder.

My last trip to the State Fair was 1961. I was only 14 and riding the rides with the other guys was a big deal then. I have a rule now that things that go in circles fast or up and down real fast are just not on my "To Do" list. We did get to see some cows, some pigs and some chickens. We walked what seemed like miles and I felt it in my legs this morning. Spent most of the day today on the mower and will probably feel it in my back tonight.

Oh well, Write if you get the time.



  1. Hey MUD, glad you got back to Rabbit Run safe and sound.

    I'm with ya' on Obama's assessment of Kanya (or whateverhisnameis). Truthfully, if Obama would let his guard down more often, he might actually seem likable, and human.

    I'm also with you on the spinning ride deal...long story I won't bore you with.

    Later, Andy

    btw: I knew you'd like a Vicky... As I have said before, I'm a Ford Man.

  2. See, I'd never heard of this Kanye guy and had no idea of his race when I was told what he did. It's only now, reading your post, that I know. I thought he was an ass when I heard about it. Still do. I'd smack my husband for being an ass if he did that. And make him publicly apologize.

    No, you're not the only one.