Our Love of Kansas

On our first trip to Kansas, Barb asked me where is everything? After spending her first 21 years in the West where every horizon has a mountain or "scenery", Kansas didn't have the allure of the West. I had been gone for over a year from Kansas and I had forgotten what it was I loved about Kansas. Looking at the pictures Barb takes of Kansas today, I see that she has adopted the love of the sky and the fall sunflowers as much as I love them. Add to that, the trees of North East Kansas with some small rolling hills and our scenery has captured her heart.

The second stanza of Sunflowers by Albert Bigelow Paine goes:
When all the sky above is jest ez blue as blue can be,
An' the prairie air a wavin' like a yaller drifting sea,
Oh it's there my soul goes sailin' an' my heart is on the boom
In the golden fields of Kansas when the


  1. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. Sorry for being almost nonexistent in the comments, sir, but I am trying to chase the almighty dollar right now. It is certainly not easy with these idiots y'all put in office.

    Just wanted you to know that the Mrs. takes some wonderful photographs and they are the one of the highlights of my day. Kansas is some beautiful country when the photographer knows what they are doing.