Monday Morning Rain

This morning as I came up the stairs, the view out the front yard had a golden hue. Kind of like that old color photograph that you took years ago as it fades out the reds and greens. By the time Barb realized the CF card was in the camera and not seated, the color had changed. There is a cool front passing that is going to bring us some rain today. (We hope) I know those of you in Tulsa that have been having a monsoon season for the past week might not realize we have been well over a week without any rain.

For years, Barb has said that things grow better when you put them to bed in the fall with their feet wet. I can hope this will meet that standard and I can drag in the hoses soon. One of these years I'll finally get a faucet out in the yard. As it is, we have a couple of hundred feet of hose between here and there.

So, did you read that the cooler weather this year was due to the lack of sun spot activity? What effect does man really have on the weather? The variables of the weather seem to cause us to have a summer with few days over 100. In fact, I think 97 may have been the high for the year.

I am going to make a run to the library today. I got a book on tape and when I put a new CD in my computer it seems that disk 6 was still in my possession. I turned in the box set last week so I need to return the final one. 'Cides, I saw another tape by the same reader over in the children's section. It was a book about a soldier in the Civil War. It might be a little too advanced for the kids. We'll see.

Oh well, have a great day.


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