For The Record!

Barb said that my posts are one sided and I don't mention the things the Republicans have done that upset me. Let me be clear that I think almost all politicians that serve more than one session in congress are corrupted by the system. Send a poor man to Washington and he comes home a millionaire send a rich man there and he really gets rich.

Specifically concerning Bush 43, I think the conduct of the War in Iraq was superb as long as the combat portion was in effect. I would have made the the Iraqi Army generals stand back up their Army from day one and damn sure would have made them bring all those AK-47's back. I would have started with a General and told him he was in charge. When he didn't perform, pick the next guy until somewhere down in the middle of the pack there would be a Command and general Staff graduate who would and could take on the job. Those that failed to do the job would go to jail. Within 18 months, I would have my guys out of there and they would have been on their own.

I think that the Republicans have forgotten their roots and have let the far right hijack the party. Issues such as abortion have taken the Republican party to places half of the voters don't want to go, ergo the Democrats have raised their party to be in charge in Congress and the White House. Both parties have contributed to the spending to the point where no one recognizes the difference between good for their district and pork.

Again, I contend that most of the politicians today don't spend enough time to find out what the people want and go to Washington with designs to fix it. Hells, bells, how hard is it to understand that most of us want to find a way to live on what we make not on what Government gives us. Cut the damned taxes, limit the amount a lawyer can get from a medical lawsuit to $10,000 and move on smartly. Tell the world to fix their own damned problems and don't send a dollar outside of the USA until we have balanced budgets.


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  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    "Tell the world to fix their own damned problems and don't send a dollar outside of the USA until we have balanced budgets."

    Agreed 100% on that!