Hate Vs Racism

Dear President Obama,

I am sorry that you feel that my dislike for your administrations solutions to the problems of today seems like racism to you and yours. To an old conservative, your solutions are not what I expected and the congress's response are very far afield to me. To Wit:
  • When General Motors came to you and asked for a loan, you removed the CEO and installed a Czar to oversee their actions. The result of your actions includes the non bankruptcy and instead of getting something of value for my General Motors Stock, I have a stock that is worth less than a dollar. The promise had been that if we buy stock, the residual value of the assets held by the corporation underwrites the stock. I one massive move, you have proven that to be only a way of speaking not a pledge. The only good news is that I diversified my holdings and I won't miss any meals over this.
  • Because one of the Unions was so heavily invested in GM stock, their investment has almost wiped out the devaluation. There was also the lost promise of Lifetime health care by GM to those union members. Is this the real reason you are pushing the health Care update so hard?
  • Most of us saw the need to find a way to support the banks (AIG, BoA etc) to forestall the failure of the FDIC. There was a certain need for money poured into the economy as a stimulus. When the first effort failed at the 300 Billion dollar level, it was re written to include pork for everyone and the one Trillion dollar debacle was passed in its place. Our national debt was increased by 10% in your first six months.
  • Instead of letting the matters settle, you seem intent on adding to the cost of our health care by forcing some kind of an overhaul to the system that the Office of Management and Budget has predicted will add 900 Billion to the deficit over the next 10 years. They have never been right about the real cost of such programs, and mostly to the underestimated side. You continue to go public and say it will not cost us any additional money. Either we will get less or it will cost more. To say different is just not truthful, in my humble opinion.
  • We heard all sorts of promise in your campaign about not bringing Lobbyists back in to your administration. Your appointees suffered from the same sort of shortcomings as those in the past and I won't include Van Jones in that list as he had his own special shortcomings. We heard about hope and change. We are now being given a congress that short of being told they will not be re-elected if they pass everything put on the table, are working on Cap and trade, a Health Bill, A bloated budget. need I go on?
  • When I crawl up on my soap box, I am accused of being a Nazi in my behavior by the spokesman of your congress nancy pelosi. Mr President, I am exercising my rights to free speech. Is it hate speech if I am accused of being something I am not?
  • Now, the repeated refrain from Jimmy Carter is that because we don't want a bigger Government our protestations are racist. Come on Mr. President, you have had the best of our world and you full well know what is going on. You and your wife's education were paid for by the fruits of our system. You didn't live in the ghetto, you lived in a large well heated house with enough food. Talk to the boys in North West Saint Louis about what the black experience really is and then talk racism to us. If white men killed black men at the rate they are doing it, we truly would have a race war. If you want a Nobel Peace Prize, solve that problem. Apologise to them that they are stuck there because they too didn't get a good education and wind up in a better place. Problems are solved by getting a good education, working hard and taking advantage of the chances to grow and be better. I went to school on the GI Bill after serving in Vietnam.
  • The final blow to this whole discussion was the attempt to blame anger of all the above to your race. There was even a finger pointing session that would make me and the rest of the people that don't agree, responsible if some nut is violent. If being opposed to a bloated budget and a Bigger Government is bad, color me in that box. If some nut is violent in response, leave me out of that line up. Tell Al Gore that when he shouted the George Bush betrayed out country that he was racist. Tell the endless list of people that said Bush 43 was dumb that they are racist. No, Mr. President, they were opposed to his way of doing things as we are opposed to your ways. Ask my momma if you think I am all of a sudden racist because I don't like the way your party solves problems with my money.

Sincerely, MUD


  1. Great post MUD I agree with it all! I am so fed up with the things going on in the country I love I can hardly stand it! More of us should speak out and do it in a calm rational manner. And I knew during the election that the race card would be thrown out the minute anyone disagreed with him, total BS!!!

  2. its nerve wracking as a military family, we just don't trust the guy, we are conservative even if we are only in our 20's great post, it really says alot about how I feel, racism is definitely not the issue. Too many lines are blurring.