'Nother Rainy Day in the Heartland

OK Mother Nature, give us a day or two to let everything dry our/firm up. I don't mind the 30 degree weather if you wouldn't let it snow to make sure we see the sprinkles. Yes, we are ready for warmer/dryer weather. I feel like a little kid with band aids all over my fingers. I bought a set of those CUTCO knives and they are sharp as hell. Even the steak knives will cut the end of your finger off if you sneeze as you take it out of the holder. I bought a box of Band Aids to cover the biopsy on my nose and have used that box up on my fingers. Speaking of that, let me tell you about my trip to the new Drug Store CVS in Lawrence. As I drove through Lawrence I stopped to buy Band Aids as the one I had on my finger was just too big for my index finger. I went to the First Aid section and there on the top row was more kinds of band aids than you could ever want. Most were the kind that had several sizes and even those little round dots that are never big enough to cover anything bigger than a zit on your nose. The House brand was on sale at 2.35 for a box of 30 and I selected them and went to the cash register. The lady asked me if I had a CVS card and when I said no, rang up the purchase. They rang up at 2.99 and I told her that 2.99 is the wrong price. She said that the cheaper price was with a card not cash. She picked up a card and beeped it and I got the cheaper price. I asked her to look at the tag on an item right behind her and see if she could read the words "with CVS Card" on the little tag. The with card was in black letters so small that they didn't even come up to the level of fine print. They were also printed on a red portion of the tag not on the Yellow part announcing the price. I put card in my bag and promptly threw it away. I won't do business there any more. I love Walgreen's and will take my business back there. MUD

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