I have been over at the rental house tearing down an old carport that was in bad repair. Over a year ago I tried to get the renter to move his old Ford van from out of the carport and he diddled around until the roof almost fell down on the van. No big loss either way but it did delay the removal until it was a mess. Oh well, I am over 2/3's of the way done and it can wait until tomorrow.

I woke up this morning to the news that we had found and killed Bin laden. I hope the last thing he saw was a well armed highly trained Navy seal grease him with what I hope was a fatal dose of lead poisoning. None of this go to Gitmo, do not pass go crap! I think it is fair that he is feeding the fishes. He more than fits what I call the Dennis Petty Mad Dog Rule. If you are responsible for the death of one or more people and everyone knows it was you, they just need to take you out behind the jail and shoot you. having a navy Seal do it is just swift justice served.

Better stop here before I say more stupid things like - I love my country but I fear my Government.


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