Day off

Yesterday I worked fairly hard and long. In Barb's words, I was a grump and she gave me today off. Better put, she demanded I take the day off.

We took a road trip to Marysville, KS a week or so back to photograph the black squirrels. The legend is that a carnival came through back in the 20's and they had a troop of black squirrels. A kid opened the pen and some escaped and the only place you can find black squirrels in Kansas is in Marysville. They are cute little creatures and the city has regulations to protect them. In fact, it is a $25 fine if you run over one.

On the way back home, we went through Manhattan. The school there trains all sorts of food engineering and their ice cream store makes a lot of yummy treats. On our stop there, I saw they also had frozen meats and bought a nice pork shoulder.

A week or so back, my niece Carrie offered to have her husband Dan to smoke a pork butt for a family gathering in June. He has a nice smoker and is pretty proud of his work. Barb and I were talking about what we will bring and the smoked chicken breast and wild rice salad wan the consensus. There needs to be a taste off, Barb's breast, My shoulder or Dan's butt.

OK, I had to work for that one. I would much rather tell a humorous story than a short joke.

Write if you get work.


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  1. Heh. Okay, that was funny. I'll opt for your shoulder, please.