Thanks AAA

It seems that I have a stupid zone that overcomes me at 4834 SE 29th In Tecumseh. Winter before last I drove up to Dave's and drove the Crown Vic off in the field west of his house. I tried to back up in deep snow and I got stucker and stucker and further and further from the driveway until there was no hope of getting anywhere near the driveway. The AAA Tow truck was able to hook a cable up and pull me back up in the driveway. Today I was backing up the truck and when the trailer jack-knifed it pushed the left rear tire off in a 10 foot ditch and thank god the truck didn't roll down in the ditch. AAA came out and pulled the truck back up on firm ground. I'm sure that the driver thinks me to be an idiot or at least the worst driver in or near Topeka. I think the fee's paid to AAA have been worth every dollar.

I will admit that there seems to be a short coming in my ability to back with a trailer attached. I never seem to get it to go the direction I need and more than once I have stopped the truck and unhitched the trailer straightened out the truck and the trailer. I was in a hurry today and the poor old 53 just almost paid the ultimate price. Me, I would have survived with a few bumps thrown in for good measure.

For many reasons, my life is full of adventures. I like to drive to places unknown and ways that I have never been. On many occasions I have tried to fix something prior to having complete directions. In a lot of ways, I have been able to be successful on many occasions but every once in a while there is a giant sign flashing "FAIL!"

Oh well, all's well the ends well.


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  1. Nyuk! Well, it really ain't all that funny. Could have been really hairy, actually. Glad the relic didn't bite the weenie...I mean, both of the relics.

    Just sayin'...

    MUD, I am aces up when it comes to backing trailers. Done it most all my life...campers, service trailers, boats, and for four years my "oven cleaning" trailer (long story...but I was in that biz.)

    Rule #1 is that when you start backing up, just throw out everything you know about "reverse." Whatever your brain tells you to do...just do the opposite.

    Works every time.

    I've got plenty of the FAIL working for me while moving forward, though.