Mother's day Tribute

If your were to travel with me, this is what you would see the most. Barb behind the camera lens in beautiful places. She brings the beauty home with her in pictures

My Mother, Virginia Dene Lee Petty Schawo fixin' things
Virginia in Eldorado. Her dad and Father-in-law are buried near where she is standing.

My mother, Bessie & Earl Petty Myrna Sue and Carol Lee. Dad was off playing WWII.

Great grandmother Hazen, Grandmother Erma Lee Fruits and Mom and baby sister Nona Jean.

What Mother's Day is all about

I hope that everyone gets to talk to their mother today and has happy talks. My mother passed about a year ago and I sure miss her.



  1. I miss your mom, too. Her little boy sure writes nice stuff about her.

  2. I love the old pictures! I am going to make copies and hang them up!

  3. I had never seen the young one. I miss her. It makes me so sad.