Windy & Warm

Just a few days ago, Barb wondered out loud how soon it was going to warm up. Well, she has her wish and it is warm and windy here in the Heartland. I am always looking at the sky and wondering what lies ahead. One thing you can depend on in Kansas is that you can't expect one day to be like the next. In 1968 i spent a great deal of the time in a Fire Direction center in Vietnam and day after day, you could put yesterday's settings on the fire direction sticks and they would work. In fact, several days we would bet what the outcome of the computations would be and I would almost always bet of the same settings from the day before. I won a lot of those bets.

One thing I do not like is the days in Kansas when the wind is gusty. That generally indicates the transition of a front crossing the plains and it can translate into storms with violent motions, generally circular in nature.

Moving away from the weather, things here are green to the max. We have had a few rains in the past couple of weeks and everything is growing. I sure hope that this means the tomatoes will be in abundance. One strange thing I did notice is that our Asian Pear tree has only one or two fruits on it. Last year there were pears up and down the branches and I had to knock a few off or the branches would break. There are apples but no pears. I know they flower at different times but this is just strange.

Oh well, moving on....


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  1. Summer jumped in with both feet this year, didn't she? Whew!