How Come?

For me, it is as plain as the nose on my face that we need to have a real heart to heart talk with out legislative side of the people in Washington. There is no other answer than a cut in spending and an increase in taxes if we want to survive as a Nation. I advocate an adjustment to the Social Security and Medicare benefits that are in line with what we need. Yes, you heard me say that even though I saved my money and a lot of other people didn't, I am willing to take a little less.

Don't let that mild mannered style fool you that Barb doesn't have a temper when the City does it wrong. Here is the link to her letter to the editor: http://cjonline.com/opinion/2011-05-22/letter-neck-deep

I don't advocate that people like Barb's folks who are approaching 90 need to have their benefits cut, I am advocating that the Government start taking a graduated percentage of all income and stop spending on Foreign Aide, Government Studies on the mating habits of frogs and apply our money where it is needed.

All over the USA, the Government owns houses that were foreclosed. I advocate bringing our Military home, using them to rehab some of those homes and have every soldier perform at least a year of public service while living in one of the homes. We need to have role models in our inner city schools and helpers to be reading aides, recess guides and general good guys in our communities. In my opinion, having married soldiers move into the communities would be a bonus.

We are having our normal springtime severe weather and unfortunately Joplin, MO got the worst of it over the weekend. The death total is near 90 and they haven't completed the search. There will be more found as the real cleanup starts. Near Wichita, a tornado tore up a trailer and several days later the smell made people notice the aluminum up in a tree had a body wrapped up in it. If it were up to me, I would have a battalion of Engineers from Fort Leonard Wood there to clear the streets. They could bring their mess hall and be self supporting.

Oh well, life's not fair. It can be fun but not fair...


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