'Nother Rainy Day in the Heartland

I am a little torn about the rainy weather we have and will have for a couple of days. I know that we need the rain and the Master Gardener appreciated it, but there are a lot of outside projects that are on hold while the rain falls.

Out in the yard, we have contacted a plumber to put in a faucet out by the garden. The first step was to have the utilities mark the underground locations. Once I found where the gas and water line was located, I started trenching to find the water line. About 20 years ago I put in a trench for the gas and water. They are about 3 feet apart but just how deep is a question. The first place I started digging I hit a lot of rock. I dug north until I stopped hitting rock. Last night I sat and thought about it and realized that the rock is in the trench and where the digging is easy isn't where I need to dig. Oh well, the ground is getting easier as it rains.

Oh well, miles to go and things to do.'



  1. See? Rain is good. :)

  2. Good thinking, MUD! Yep, I buried some lines in the way back, and covered 'em with mostly rock, too.

    Man, we sure could use some of y'all's rain down here. Almost about to start praying for some. Gonna have to water the garden if we don't get some tomorrow. The forecast is "iffy."

    We probably wont.