Start the Day Great

This morning, Barb had to go out and pour the water out of a lot of potted plants on the deck. They are on the verge of drowning as we got some rain overnight and the ground is saturated. If the sun can get out at all, you will be able to hear the plants growing.

For me, I was busy cooking breakfast. I cooked home fries with some vidalia onions, eggs, ham, toast and some juice. Throw in some coffee and it was a meal fit for the start of a great day. The toast was some of the multi-grain from Wheatfield Bakery in Lawrence and it is so nutty and good. Barb also got a loaf of their whole wheat raisin bread and she snacks on that with a little peanut butter. Elvis didn't eat that good.

Yesterday we were on an adventure in the morning and I found the KU boathouse. It is located in a park in Lawrence and is a beautiful setting and a great building. Perhaps not as classy as the boathouses in Philly but this is a pretty nice building in one of the prettiest settings you could want. There wasn't anyone there so I didn't get to see if they still have Jenn's picture up inside.

The other day. I wondered when I should replace the spark plugs on the 2004 Crown Vic? The repair manual says 100,000 miles and today I read that Click and Clack had a story about the plugs breaking off if you wait that long. That really applies to the truck motors but I can imagine it applies to the sedan 5.2 motors also. I am tempted to go out and pull a couple of plugs just as a test. Might even make a run past the auto parts store and get some anti seize grease if I do. The one thing I will do is make sure that my spark plug socket is in good working order and centering gasket in the socket is there. I know that you can break a plug if you don't have a good wrench and don't use it correctly. At least I don't have to stand on my head to change the plugs like I did with the sideways motor in the Aurora. NOTICE - I looked under the hood of the Ford and I cannot for the life of me tell the difference between the fuel injectors and the spark plugs. Both are on the top of the motor and what could be either a fuel rail or a wire protector runs between them all. I guess at 100,000 I will pay the $25.00 @ to have them replaced at the dealership. By then, I will probably have a Chilton's manual and some better instructions - We'll see.

Better run and see what things I can do to stay out of trouble. I do think it is a little funny that I had a yard faucet installed out by the garden and so far it has rained every day since.


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