Jest Cookin'

On my last trip to the grocery store, I found some pretty great and fresh green beans. On our Vegas trip I ate some tempura fried green beans and decided that I would try to duplicate the batter and taste. The batter is simply a cup of flour, a cup of beer and an egg. I steamed the beans for a few minutes and then dried them off. I dusted the beans in flour and dipped them in the batter. The oil was at 350 degrees and I dropped the battered beans one at a time into the oil. When they just started to turn color and float, it took them out and salted them. They were excellent. Next I need to work on dips. I think a real mild wasabi or horseradish dip is called for. Perhaps a dip based on soy sauce would be good too. Next will be finding what other vegetables go good in my tempura batter.

It rained twice yesterday so I had time to finish my book and do a little cooking. I am going to the Home Depot store today and getting some siding for the rental house project. Sure want to get that finished and out of the way.

Oh well, better get running. have a great day and even a better weekend.


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