Rain, Just-in-time

This morning I woke up to the sound of water falling off the deck and hitting a piece of foam insulation just outside the downstairs window. I am pretty sure that Barb would have me dragging out the hoses had it not rained. About a week ago I mowed a patch so she could plant some Tall Blue stem grass and some short blue stem grass in another row. I am looking forward to seeing if the planting works.

Have I mentioned that Barb is into native plants here at Rabbit Run? You generally have to water them the first year but once they develop a tap root, they fend for themselves. We have a lot of pretty native flowers and some exotic weeds. During most of the year the Rattle Snake Master looks like a desert plant and in the fall it breaks out into a glorious barrage of yellow flowers. Some of these wild flowers are pretty wild during the growing season.

Oh well, I do have a good book to finish and I'd better move on. If I forget to say it, Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there.


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  1. I was just informed that the willow leaf sunflower and the Maxmillian sunflower are the yellow flowers. The Rattle Snake Master has little white flowers. Oh well.