Rain Again

In spite of tornado warning for all 105 counties in Kansas, not one tornado came to Toto-ville. We did get some nice rain and a little wind but here we didn't get hail and none of the twisty air that tears down houses. Thank heavens.

Yesterday, I got the big mower deck running and hooked up behind the Case Tractor. At one time I was upwind of the mower deck and thought I smelled burning rubber. There was my sign. I sharpened the blades and removed the main motor drive belt when I was done. I put the belt on the wrong side of a little pin that is designed to keep the belt on a pulley and that just burned the belt up. Almost $40 later, a new belt is in its place and I was off back mowing. Just in time for the rain to start and I didn't get much done. Oh well, I guess I really could wait a day or two.

Do you ever have a dream where everything needs done and you find yourself unable to do the required task? I found myself responsible for being an MC at a meeting to recognize one of my former leaders and I just started bad and it got worse. Just so you will know, I am able to get up in front of large groups and give lectures, speeches or to teach classes. But I will tell you that I work hard to prepare in all cases and for some reason last night I couldn't even remember what the paper looked like i was to use to help me remember facts. Just a rough way to wake up and feeling behind the eight ball. Especially when it was a 6AM wake up.

Oh well, things to do and places to go.


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