Today's paper had an article about the increase number of people that want one of those add-on tornado shelters. Duh! It just goes to show your that we are generally reactionary and it takes a pretty major thing to wake us up to the reality of what we need.

Another article says that Senator Ryan's proposed budget will hurt Senior Citizens. I wonder what they think having Medicare, the Social Security Pot and China all running out of money will do. Wake up people, an F-5 money tornado is headed our way in the next 20 years and we need to build shelters. I have lived in Kansas over 60 years and lost only one house to a tornado. If we do nothing about our National Debt and budget the term is when it hits not if it hits.

I am not sure if it is the NIMBY (Not in My backyard) group or the "It will never happen to Me" group that is causing people to listen to messages of the Government's ability to fund it all but we had better get our act together.

Kind of makes me wonder if it is the term Trillion that has lulled us to sleep. We have a National Debt of over 14 Trillion. If you can't grasp that amount in money in terms that we recognize is it real? It must not be to a lot of people out there. I heard that a survey had over 60% want the Government to have a balanced budget so someone must be asleep at the wheel. It Ain't Me!


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