Still Working

I am about 2/3 rds of the way finished with the carport tear down and will go over there today. I do find that a rest day now and then gets my juices flowing again. Next it will be rehab on the rest of the garage and a paint job on the yellow house. Might subcontract that out.

Yesterday barb looked for the Tax statements for the rental houses. Could not find the new updates due 10 May. When we went to the courthouse, we found that last December I paid both halves on those houses. Must have thought I needed the deduction. I'll run the numbers down and make sure I took the full credit.

Lots of news about Seal team Six and their exploits. I am sure glad that something knocked off the coverage of the Royal Wedding. Lots of people said they were going to record the wedding and I'll bet that the numbers work out that only about 50% of the people will watch what they taped. OF that number, I'll bet a lot more women will watch than men. Someone said that Prince Harry is unique in the royal family. Yep, he is over 25 and still has hair. Makes me wonder who was his daddy as Prince Charles and most of the other males look like the rest of the Windsor line and go bald about 25.

Better get running and get something done.


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  1. You know, you get "baldness" from your Mother's side of the family (or so I've always been told).

    I've seen his Uncle on his Mom's side, and as I remember, he's got lots of hair. So, maybe there's nothing to it.

    My question about the Royal Wedding is, "Who the heck gets married on a Friday morning?" I mean, a lot more folks can show up if it's on a Saturday night...or even a Friday night after work.