Life Lessons 101 Update

I have found that if you think your are done performing maintenance on the things you own, you are just overlooking something. I had a dream that when I retired, I would have this wonderfully organized garage and storage area and everything would always look nice. Perhaps if I never did anything with the stuff I have, I could always have this nice clean shop. The problem is that I use stuff and when I am tired, the last thing I want to do is stop and carefully put everything in its place. Not to mention, there is always a mower blade to sharpen, a chainsaw chain that needs tightened, etc....

One thing I hear little kids say is, "That's not fair." Life is not fair and no amount of money will make it that way. It might be more fun if you have money, but it is never fair. Someone has to pay the cost of everything or someday pay the piper. About the time a pretty good solution comes up, the NIMBY (Not in My backyard) crowd comes up with a hundred reasons to block any progress.

There just has to be a compromise in all the rhetoric from Washington. We all have to either accept less or pay more. It is pretty obvious to a lot of us that we can't have a Government that is all things to all people.

Oh well, things to do, places to go...


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  1. MUD, I taught my boys from their earliest days that I did NOT EVER want to hear the words, "That's not fair" uttered from their mouths.

    And, they took it to heart. Not one of them has ever moped about drawing the short end of the stick.

    It's one of the very few things I did right.