A Mowin' I Will Go

It was way too warm the last couple of days in the afternoon and I have put off mowing as long as I can. Barb also needed a couple of small projects finished so I guess I am needed.

My sis is not doing well and spent a couple of days in the hospital. I guess when we all are getting old, there will be starts and stops in the stream of good health. I hope to remain here and healthy for a few more years but every time I read the Obits in the paper I see people a lot younger than I am in there. Years ago, I heard Paul Harvey talk about the oldest people by percentage come from Nebraska. I hope that Kansas being close is a good second. The seventh oldest person in the world died here at 114, in Topeka this last week. Yep, she was born in Nebraska. Why don't old men live longer? Because they can. Why do old women live longer? because they can. Same answer, different outcome.

I'll let as many of you as desire use that answer. Why? Because I can.


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  1. Why do men die before their wives?

    Because they want to.