Plumbing 'n Such

I finally got around to fixing the outside faucet. Had I really looked at it, I would have fixed it months ago. All I had to do was unscrew the old one and screw in a new one. I was all prepared to have to sweat solder fittings on and off and a simple pair of water pump pliers did the trick. There was, of course, the obligatory trip to the hardware store to get the right faucet. This week I also noticed that the shower head was leaking from the hose. It was one of those kind that you put in a hanger or can waive it all the places that need washed. It took a new replacement because the plastic part in the hose was cracked. That must have happened when I knocked it out of the hanger.

Today and tomorrow should be a lot dryer than the earlier parts of the week. We got over two inches of rain one day this week. I just hope the plumber can still get into the hole to hook up the new yard faucet for Barb tomorrow. I have tried to keep the water out of the hole with a tarp but that only partially works. We'll see.

This has been the week for critters from hell. The squirrels and wood peckers have been here "en masse. " If I put the sunflower seed suet block in the suet feeder, the squirrels jump on the feeder and eat it as fast as I can put it up. If I put up the other kind, no body eats much of anything. Oh well, time of the year that they all need to move on to forage out in the woods.

Better get rolling.


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