Jest Bitchin'

I guess that every once in a while a good bitch just has to seep out or my head will explode. Read the following with caution and know that life in good here at Rabbit Run - But the rest of the world is in danger.

  • How can the Muslim world now complain that Bin laden who hijacked the tenants of his religion to do evil is now a symbol of what's good in the world. Saying that is like saying that Fred Phelps is the representative of all Christians.

  • How can the Conservative Right/Christian element hijack our lives in favor of what they think is right? Freedom of Religion means you get to practice your religion without the Government involvement. It doesn't mean that I have to practice your religion because you think it is right.

  • Our Governor had protected half of the Flint Hills from Wind Turbines. Doesn't he understand that we as a nation must change the way we do things? Besides, I think the giant windmills in Wyoming are a treat to look at. Instead of trying to block what we need, he should be looking for ways to provide more power.

  • I am a fan of the History channel. and for the largest part, I watch it to see what other people say about our past. How can people say that Custer was a great soldier when he lead an invasion into areas protected by treaties and killed the very people he was supposed to protect? Plus, he got a bunch of his soldiers killed in the process.

  • OK, with that said, how can the American Indians say that Geronimo was their hero and we should have not called Bin Laden the code name "Geronimo?" Have they forgot just how many people he killed when he went on his forays into Mexico and the Southwest? We hunted for him for years just like Bin laden and the biggest difference is that we let Geronimo die when he fell off his mule on his way back to Fort Sill after a night of drinking. They tell me that Bin laden died of Lead Poisoning on the way to feed the fishes.

  • I think the way the story about how we got Bin laden is representative of the way our Government is conducting Business. The revisionists are making up stuff based on the polls faster than you can read it. First, there were two Black Hawk helicopters that landed, No wait, one crashed and then a Chinook helicopter came in with another 25 people landed and they all conducted a 45 minute gun fight. Now wait, the pictures don't have the place shot up with bullet holes. Then they killed the couriers in a gun fight, no they were not armed. Then the seal team went up stairs and shot Bin laden's wife, no the just wounded her as she rushed up to them. then Bin laden was killed by a shot to the head and two to the chest. he was armed, he was unarmed but rushing towards a weapon. No wait, now his wife says we executed him. Then instead of displaying the body, we hauled him back to an aircraft carrier and performed a Muslim funeral for him. Oh well, you can't make this stuff up any better. If you don't agree, write your own story, it can be any less stupid. Ding Dong, Seal team Six calling. You are dead, next mission.

Now, I will have toe rest of the day to think about this. I do smell pancakes so I'll close it here.


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